Power Flushing What are the benefits of power flushing for your central heating system?

Power Flush

Power Flush Service

  • Do your radiators get as hot as they use to?
  • Do your radiators have cold spots?
  • Does your heating system take a long time to get up to temperature?


Over time a heating system will be reduced in its efficiency. This is due to a build up of metal oxides which will take the form of a black sludge within the heating pipes and components of your system. The build up of metal oxides can be harmful to a heating system and boiler if neglected for long enough.

The metal oxides in a heating system can be removed by a process called power flushing. This is a service provided by Ignite Plumbing and Heating Solutions. Power flushing is a process where a chemical cleaner is introduced to help break down the build up of metal oxides. Then the water in the heating is pumped round the system at high velocity breaking down debris and deposits. This is pumped back to the power flushing unit where two powerful magnets extract the metal debris from the heating system cleaning the water as it passes by. Fresh water is also introduced into the heating system to replace the existing water as this is continuously drained and replaced throughout the process. This procedure is carried out until the water samples are clean and pH neutral.

Once the power flushing is completed the heating system will be treated with a corrosion inhibitor to help prevent corrosion recurring. All radiators will be balanced as required to achieve an even heat distribution throughout the system.

Current legislation and government dedication to reduce pollution and increase energy efficiency means that manufactures are insisting on system treatment to all existing systems before the fitting of a new boiler.

As local plumbing and heating experts you can be sure that Ignite Plumbing & Heating Solutions will offer a reliable and professional service. All our qualified time served heating engineers will be happy to help.

Power Flushing your heating now could prolong the life of your boiler system and will save you money in the future.

Look after your heating and your heating will look after you.