Alpha Boilers From Ignite Plumbing 


Alpha Heating innovation's roots in the UK stretch back nearly 50 years, from a fledgling local heating installation business to a prestigious national heating appliance manufacture.

Today, Alpha is recognised throughout the UK as one of the heating industry's leading lights, a company that has successfully combined traditional business values with a highly innovative approach to all aspects of is operation.

Choosing an Alpha appliance is your assurance of quality. Put simply, it means you can enjoy the very best heating technology money can buy.

Experience as an installation business gives Alpha a unique appreciation of the concerns and requirements of Ignite Plumbing & Heating Solutions and our customers.

Its the reason we go the extra mile when it comes to the things that really matter. From reliability to the ease of installation , nothing is left to chance to ensure total satisfaction to all of our Ignite Plumbing & Heating customers.

Making a Difference

While sustainable energy resources like the sun and geothermal have an increasing prominent part to play in our lives, we are not yet at a stage in the UK where we can rely solely upon them.

At Alpha, they utilise new and traditional technologies, drawing on the best elements of each to deliver unique heating solutions.

Wherever possible Alpha encourage a holistic approach to each project , utilising the familiar high efficiency gas boiler with advanced 'bolt-on' products such as GasSaver and SolarSmart in tailor made systems.

Such solutions are practical to install and extremely cost effective, enabling our customers to make an impact on their energy bill and carbon footprint sooner rather than later.

Here at Ignite Plumbing & Heating Solutions we like to provide our customer with quality products . Alpha heating innovations not only provide quality products but also provide quality customer care.

Ignite Plumbing & Heating are accredited installer for Alpha allowing us to offer extended warranty to all Alpha boilers we install.

If you require any further information on the Alpha products or you would like a price to upgrade you existing boiler to one of the Alpha heating innovation boilers please do no hesitate to contact one of the Ignite Plumbing & Heating Solutions team.