Unvented hot water systems

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Open vented hot water systems

Older traditional hot water cylinders are known as open vented systems. This type of system works with the pressure being generated from the height of the cold water storage tank, which supplies the hot water cylinder. The height of the cold water storage tank will determine the pressure that the hot water draw off points are able to achieve. This is why the cold water storage tanks are most commonly sited within the loft space, as this is the highest and most practical position and will provide the hot water cylinder with the best pressure possible. With this type of system the most common problem is that the draw off's, which are above or even on the same floor as the cylinder can suffer poor pressure and flow rates. This is why shower pumps are commonly installed to overcome this problem and provide a high performing shower.

Unvented hot water cylinder, what are they?

Unvented hot water cylinders can also be referred to as pressurised hot water systems and are essentially a hot water storage cylinder that is supplied directly from the incoming cold mains. Unvented hot water cylinders will supply high pressures and flow rates to all hot water draw off within a property. This is because it is supplied directly from the incoming cold mains so the hot water will be working at the same pressure as the cold. As unvented cylinder are supplied from the cold mains there is no need for a cold water storage tank to supply the cylinder. However, there are some additional requirements when unvented cylinders are installed. As the water within the cylinder is heated the water will start to expand, some manufactures use air pockets, which are incorporated within the cylinder themselves and some use external expansion vessels. Both of these do exactly the same job and will allow the water to expand safely as the water is heated. The other thing to consider with a unvented installation is the expansion pressure relief and the temperature pressure relief. Both of these are safety blow off valves and they need to be installed in a safe and practical way. The TPR and EPR will need to be installed so that if the safety valves open they discharge to outside in a safe location or to a suitable drain. Unvented hot water cylinders are the ideal system for properties with multiple bathrooms that have a high demand on the hot water. There is no need for shower pumps and cold water storage tanks anymore. The position in which unvented cylinders can be installed is also more more flexible then that of the more traditional open vented systems. When considering the installation it is essential that you have a qualified installer to complete the installation. Poorly or incorrect installations of unvented cylinders can be dangerous.

Ignite Plumbing and Heating Solutions engineers are competent and qualified G3 Engineers, which is a legal requirement in the UK to complete the installation of unvented cylinders. After the installation has been completed the cylinder will require an annual service much like a boiler. This also has to be completed by a competent person.